Breaking the Presidential Mold

Praise Trump for busting open

the doors of opportunity for more

inexperienced celebrities to run

for president. Sanitation engineers

throw their soiled gauntlet down

beneath the banner, “Taking out

the trash.” Gardeners claim only they

can make the economy grow. Serial killers

promise to dramatically slash spending.

Billboard workers tout their skill

with producing clear signs. Hunters

assure voters the buck stops here.

Navvies can run a tight ship of state.

Teachers can go back to the drawing board

until they have a solution. Magicians

make elephants in the room disappear.

Couriers know how to get there within

half an hour or your money back.

Pizza delivery guys keep the economy

piping hot. Farmers will hoe the hard

row and only count fully hatched plans.

Businessmen and lawyers can take

a long rest while the unqualified

assimilate the to-dos of governing.

Cartographers will map out their dreams

while artists draw new lines in the sand.


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